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4 Home Improvement Trends To Watch in 2024

This year more home owners are opting to invest in their current space. These home improvements range from a simple paint change to reconfiguring their current home layout! Here are the top 4 home improvement trends in 2024 to keep an eye on!


living roomPhoto by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash


1. Creating An Office

With hybrid work schedules remaining popular, home offices are becoming increasingly necessary! Home owners have been reconfiguring their current layout to create a dedicated office space to work from at home! A home office space can be created by reconfiguring an existing room in your home, adding a while new space in a renovation, or dedicating a part of your living room to make a work space.


2. Outdoor Living

Home owners have been finding outdoor space more important the past few years. One of 2024's biggest home trends is creating a small screened in porch or patio space off of the house. Home owners are investing more in having a relaxing space to hangout and entertain in.


3. Switching Out Grey Hues

Home owners in 2024 are switching up their grey tones and opting for calming blues and creamy whites. Adding pops of color is a popular trend in 2024 to create a calming environment. You can do this through paint colors, furniture or decor!


4. Bringing In Nature

In addition to updating colors around their homes, home owners are bringing in more earthy elements such as plants and nature inspired colors and patterns. Opening up indoor spaces to the outdoors is a popular 2024 trend. You could do this by adding a skylight or putting in retractable doors to create an indoor outdoor space. 


Home trends in 2024 have put more emphasis on the affect your home can have on your mental health. By creating more outdoor spaces to relax in, creating calming and earthy spaces, and investing in an at home office, home owners are updating their current spaces to be functional and inviting. What are your favorite current home trends?