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How To Paint Your Backsplash

If you're looking for an easy way to update your kitchen, painting your tile backsplash is the answer! Painting your backsplash is a relatively easy and quick way to completely transform your kitchen! We have five steps to help you make your kitchen look brand new!



backsplashPhoto by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash



1. Prep Your Kitchen

Before opening any paint, make sure to throughly prep your kitchen to save your countertops and cabinets from paint. Use painters tape along the edges of your tile, and cover your countertops and cabinets in canvas or plastic tarps.


2. Clean Your Tile

Once everything is covered, it's time to deep clean your tile. You will want to scrub your tile with a heavy duty cleanser that will remover grease, oil or smoke so you apply paint to a clean backsplash.


3. Sand Tile

After cleaning your backsplash, sand it down to remove the tile glaze and create a surface that the paint can stick to. We recommend using a 220-grit sandpaper to do this. After sanding, wipe down all the tile with a wet cloth to remove the dust before painting. 


4. Apply Primer

Before painting, apply a white primer to your backsplash. Paint two coats of primer and make sure it is evenly applied across your entire backsplash to give yourself an even surface for your paint.


5. Paint

Once everything is evenly primed, it is time to paint your backsplash! Use Epoxy paint and a foam roller to evenly coat your backsplash and do as many coats of paint as you see fit until you get your desired result.


Transform your kitchen with a painted back splash! You can choose any color to update your tile, just make sure to use epoxy paint. Send us a picture if you try this project out, we want to see your space! 




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