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4 Tips To Acclimate Your Dog To Apartment Living

Are you thinking about getting a dog but are hesitant because you live in an apartment? Don't be! With the right care and attention, your dog can thrive in an apartment setting! First check with your landlord to make sure dogs are allowed in your space, then read our tips on how to best care for your dog in an apartment! 



1. Give Your Pup Plenty Of Exercise

Take your dog outside multiple times a day for a walk or a trip to a local dog park to make sure they get lots of exercise and don't get restless. Consider hiring a dog walker if you aren't able to be with your pup all day!


2. Socialize Your Dog

Socialize your dog often and have them meet plenty of people and other dogs before bringing them into a more populated environment. It is likely you and your dog will run into more neighbors in an apartment setting, so it is important your pup is comfortable around others!


3. Get In A Routine

If you need to potty train your puppy, puppy pads are a great option for apartment living! It may be more difficult to take your dog out every time it needs to use the bathroom in an apartment, so keeping a close eye on your puppy and establishing a routine early on is important!


4. Create A Safe Space

There may be more noises or excitement happening in an apartment building that your dog may not be used to. Creating a safe space for them with their favorite toys and blankets can help ease their nerves! 


If you have any great tips or tricks that have helped your dog acclimate to apartment living, let us know! If you're looking to move into an apartment with your pup or thinking of getting a dog once you move, reach out to us! We'd love to help you and your furry friend find your home base!